Is This Week Good To You? We’ll tell you!

This is what the week of 11/2/15 –  11/9/15 may have for you.

11/2 – 3 of Cups Ace of Swordsastrology
11/3 – 4 of Cups 2 of Swords
11/4 – 5 of Cups 3 of Swords
11/5 – 6 of Cups 4 of Swords
11/6 – 7 of Cups 5 of Swords
11/7 – 8 of Cups 6 of Swords
11/8 – 9 of cups 7 of swords

Aries– Allowing the recent developments to sink in will help you to understand the current context of your own personal life. If you can’t accept things as they are they start to hatch your master plans next month while there’s still some time left in the year. Superiors will be receptive during this time and love ones won’t grumble too much about your ambitions. Also remember to know when to stop and pick your battles in the coming weeks. Other people seem ready to pickup the sword, it’s up to you whether you pickup one as well though. Its more of mental sparring than over conflict but still…

Taurus– In a week full of a lot of talk and not a lot of action you may be feeling a bit frazzled. Understand that it’s just a reflection of a debate that’s actually happening within you. If you get tired of going back and forth, devise a new plan to get your personal life back on track. Reanimation of an old flame is possible if you are committed to personal reform. Otherwise you may have a good wait on your hands for a sincere new person to arrive. Work may try to bother you but don’t let it, the small problems will melt away by next week.

Gemini– Even if your life hasn’t been exactly what you wanted this year, you can be sure that it has certainly been a bit unexpected. For you singles out there, getting your heart ripped out by both others and yourself is a taxing thing. Just remember, on one level you did it to yourself. It’s best to lay low at this juncture until you can prove your model for the future. If you can’t get people to go along with your ideas this week it’s a bad sign. Focus on partnership and business should do well. New alliances formed this week will create good lasting contractual agreements where applicable. Lower your shields and go full steam ahead. Dating is illusory so user beware.

Cancer– Making money isn’t all that bad, but it’s not all the important this week either. Saving for a rainy day is boring a boring practice if practiced continually. Saving is fine if you legitimately need to save for your retirement, but if you don’t need some opulent lifestyle then let go of those purse strings a bit. You should have a good time helping others. Enjoyment of wealth comes from utilizing it in the appropriate ways. Time will vindicate all of our fiscal actions but a dedication to leaving a positive legacy should always be an underlying consideration of this enterprise. Money is dangerous when held too tightly. Spend some on loved ones this week for best results.

Leo– Making your mark is easier than expected, yet overrated this week. Instead find some friends with a real dedication to their craft. Professional allies will shore up your ambitions over the coming year, so try to associate with others who exhibit the level of excellence you yourself strive for. Love will be their but shouldn’t be your main focus. There are things to be done this week, so don’t run away from them.

Virgo– Are you tired of sticking around the casa? Well get the heck out then! Go find some seasonal activities to enrich yourself with. Spend some time out in nature, with some kids or alone on long walks. There is no need to burden you with busy work; there is plenty of time for that next week. This is a better week for decompression on the whole. Try not to get dragged into other peoples issues, energy spent on them will prove fruitless in retrospect. Follow your own tune and use some of that pent up creativity to prep for next weeks wave of work.

Libra– Timing is in your favor this week, Looking for a big purchase? Good plan. You can safely break out the debit card this week with no regrets, on the condition that what your purchasing is actually needed and has long term value. New businesses are also favored for you this week. Try to take your mate seriously if they need to resolve issues this week. It won’t go away. Remember the cardinal advice in relationships never go to sleep angry. Tackle the big issues while they are still small.

Scorpio– Although you think relationships are a good idea right now, I highly doubt that a new one will be. If you’re feeling lonely with the holidays coming up, just do your best to dedicate yourself to the suffering of others. This in turn will alleviate your own sense of suffering. If you cannot build a bridge to heal yourself, how do you expect a mate to do that for you? You are not broken this week, just in your own head too much. Take action this week and leave the thinking for another time. Difficulties are alleviated through taking stalwart action.

Sagittarius– Getting organized and prioritizing tasks are on the docket this week. You are in great danger of becoming too scattered and hence getting nothing done. New things lead to more questions than answers so stick to tried and true methodologies for the moment. Being near mountains or beaches could be healing for your this week in general. You seem to need to contemplate issues bigger than yourself to get some perspective at the moment. Just try to stay calm and press on, despite feeling a bit of futility in your professional environment. This too shall pass…

Capricorn– Finding true north is the objective for this week. If you don’t have a central goal in mind for the coming year, it’s a good time to put that into place. This will keep you happy and moving forward throughout the holidays and give you cause for great self-pride. There has been a lot of progress for this year, so you shall have a better than usual holiday season to celebrate. Tackling little health problems here and there will give you a better grounding this year. Next year will bring more challenges and fighting overall, so you need to brace for more compromise overall. Communication as always, remains key.

Aquarius– Finding fault is easy to do when you are looking. Despite the annoyances of the week it’s best to try and move on with your own plans no matter what some other persons chaos is trying to fling into your life. Playing it low and slow is the best plan for this week within the personal relationship sphere. People want to hear what you have to say, but by saying it, you are opening yourself up to later assaults. Play professional ideas close to the vest and allow your inner hermit to thrive this week if you want to make the most of the week. Contacts made this week will be long-term, but an aura of mystery serves you well for the time being. Love is fickle at the moment, so enjoy your time alone.

Pisces– With so much action in the preceding weeks you might well want to kick your feet up, but this is actually a bad plan. Instead double down and work your butt off until December. There’s plenty of time to lull around then, while you are getting bankrolled by your November checks. Take the time to tell others about your great creative plans and projects and allow some new art into your world. The harder you work this week, the better you will feel about yourself. Time is just another way of processing energy, but it means little, if we don’t put any importance on it. Ponder your relationship with time this week for deeper insights.


By Austin Muhs